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Yacht supply co.,ltd. was formed in 2004 and is owned and operated by Sirikorn Sang-in ,nickname toi.toi has been involed in the marine industry in thailand and throughout east asia for 12 years.
"During these years i have spent time living aboard sailing and motor yachts and have gained hands-on experience on how boats work" Toi and a shipwright since 1986,built one of the most reputable boat repair facilities in asia in 1997 . "i saw the growing need to supply boats in phuket with good, internationally accepted products"
Yacht supply stocks and sellsalarge inventory locally sourced and imported,leading brand products and has a back-up service with precision shipwright services co.,ltd.located next door.we cater to vessels of all shapes and sizes.

Sirikorn Sang-in (Toi)

Toi's introduction to the boating world began with refitting a sailing yacht in 1994. Since then she has worked as deck hand on a 25m motor yacht for 2 1/2 years, opening a boat repair company in 1997 and more recently starting and running Yacht Supply Chandlery.

Yanisa Waiyasit (Jip)

Jip was the storeroom manager at Precision Shipwright Services Co Ltd from 2002 until she transferred to sales in Yacht Supply chandlery in 2003.